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A collaborative concert titled ``To Sir, With Love’’ is being organised to pay homage to violin maestro Lalgudi G. Jayaraman. »
As a part of its annual “Balar Chithirai Kalai Vizha”, Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation is planning to conduct a total of 18 competitions for kids, children and youth. »
Over 1,000 children have presented Mikeless Kutcheri at Nageswara
Rao Park. »
On a chilly Christmas winter evening sisters, Ranjani and Gayatri gave one of the best performances at the Music Academy. The Academy was full. The sisters began with Thyagaraja’s “Meru Samana”. »
Sudha Ragunathan took a sabbatical during the December season of 2015. Marghazhi in Chennai is incomplete even if one in the senior rung is missing. With the floods playing havoc as well, the season that went by proved a damp squib!. »
March 11, 2016 saw one more edition of Aikya held at The Music Academy here. The mega event this time around was a musical conversation between Sanjeev Abhyankar (Hindustani) and Abhishek Raghuram (Carnatic), two young artistes of distinct styles of the
North and South. »
A Chinese (Hakka) born, Chong Chiu Sen (Sai Madhana Mohan Kumar) lives in Malaysia. He came to Chennai some summers ago to learn music but ended up learning Bharatha Nathyam instead under late Usha Srinivasan and Veena under late Kalpakam Swaminathan. »
`Shruthi Mata, layam Pita’, it is said. Time sense is very important in every activity we do. And, talam is the fulcrum for good music. Not surprisingly, teachers often take pains to emphasise the need for maintaining `kalapramanam’ in music. »
While the boy was immersed in counting the beats, this gentleman in balcony too was engrossed in his own world. As the audience listened to Bombay Jayashri with rapt attention, this `older rasika’ was happily playing cards in his hand-held device. »
On April 6, 2016, vocalist Bombay Jayashri and her disciples sang for a small but special audience. »
It was the first concert of the annual series at Kapalishwarar temple on April 4. The Kumbhabhishekam was performed only the previous day at the temple. »
The National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) offers scholarships to talented young musicians through its special scholarship scheme. »
Gayathri Girish’s concert for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha was an enriching experience. She was simple and unassuming. And, her rendering was sublime. »
He was composed, and totally oblivious of the capacity audience around him. He looked a matured artiste. »
A new non-profit organization has come into being here to promote and encourage Indian performing arts in this part of the world. »